The Sculpture Gallery near the Poraj Palace was placed by the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization on the tourist map of Pomerania.


Gallery status as a tourist destination obliges us to enrich and maintain its high level.


Currently in the gallery there are 28 sculptures of recognized artists in the country and abroad, graduates of art universities.
In the first outdoor scenery attended the recognized in the country and abroad sculptors:
  • Anna Szalast, vice president of the Association of Polish Artists
  • prof. Christos Mandzios, dean of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts of the Wroclaw's ASP university.


Since 1997 Anna Szalast, has been working with the Centre of Polish Sculpture, which organizes national open-air sculptures.

See the works:

"From the nature of the structure" of the "sculpture park" - Anna Szalast.

"Combined" - Marcin Plichta.

"Lying babe - Tomasz Skórka.

"Stabile border post" - Tomasz Sobisz.

"Sitting" - Mariusz Burdek.

"Stabile" in the "Border Posts" - Tomasz Sobisz.

"Pebble of the dice "with the" hard-soft" - Christos Mandzios.

"Stone" - Tomasz Radziewicz.

"Bust" from the "descendants of Stolem" - Tomasz Sobisz.

"Sitting Drapery" - Mateusz Stankiewicz.

"Circles" from the "descendants of Stolem" - Tomasz Sobisz.

"Torso of a woman" - Tomasz Skórka.

"David" - Tomasz Skórka.

"Bust" - Tomasz Skórka.


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